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Meat Slicer Ø 250 mm 0-8 mm with blade sharpener

EX10011406 | Model: RCAM-250E

  • Powerful—efficient operation thanks to powerful 150 W motor and high speed of 480 rpm
  • Effective—excellent cutting results thanks to sharp blade measuring 250 mm in diameter
  • Precise—steplessly adjustable slice thickness from 0 to 8 mm
  • Practical accessories—integrated semi-automatic blade sharpener
  • Safe—sturdy construction with four anti-slip rubber feet and blade protector

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Designed with sharp blades, ergonomic handles, and adjustable features to achieve precise cuts and desired thickness with ease.


Constructed from high-quality materials, that are resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Special non-slip handles, blade guards, and locking mechanisms to prevent accidents, while also being easy to clean and maintain for optimal hygiene and safety.

Product information

Can I get another slice? The meat slicer for perfectly sliced sausage

Whether it's sausage, cheese or boneless meat—there's nothing that the high-quality all-purpose meat slicer RCAM-250E from Royal Catering's catering equipment selection can't precisely cut into millimetre-thin slices. And thanks to the anodised and polished aluminium, the commercial meat slicer is effectively protected against corrosion, easy to clean and meets international hygiene standards.

The heavy duty food slicer from Royal Catering's butchers equipment collection

The 150 W electric motor provides a speed of 480 rpm and ensures extremely fast and precise cutting results. As a result of this powerful performance, the sharp round blade with a diameter of 250 mm glides even through hard cheese as if through butter. The electric slicer's cutting thickness can be adjusted via rotary knob from 0 to 8 mm so you can offer your customers and guests everything from wafer-thin ham to thick and hearty slices of salami. The device can process pieces of sausage and cheese up to 17.5 cm wide and up to 14 cm tall. The carriage is equipped with a low-friction, quiet ball and slide bearing to facilitate your daily work with the deli slicer. This allows you to glide the carriage past the rotating blade with minimum effort. The slanted blade's special angle of inclination exerts optimum pressure on the food being cut. The round blade is made of special knife-grade steel which stands out for its sharpness and durability. For safety, the cutting edges are equipped with an effective blade protector to minimise the risk of accidents. Technical highlight: You can easily regrind the blade without having to laboriously dismantle the device using the semi-automatic blade sharpener which is integrated into the top of the deli meat slicer. Other safety features include: The robust construction and the four anti-slip rubber feet guarantee stability and secure footing while cutting. They also prevent scratches to the work surface. The large power switch is intentionally installed on the side of the device so that it can be reached quickly and easily even in an emergency.

  • Model


  • Condition


  • Voltage / Frequency

    230 V / 50 Hz

  • Power

    150 W

  • Material, housing

    Aluminium (polished and oxidised)

  • Material, blades

    Special blade steel

  • Material, handles


  • Diameter, blade

    250 mm

  • Cutting thickness

    0 - 8 mm (infinitely variable)

  • Rotation speed

    480 rpm

  • Blade sharpening unit

    Integrated, semi-automatic

  • Bearings

    Slide and ball bearings

  • Size, carriage

    200 mm

  • Max. cutting length

    175 mm

  • Max. cutting height

    140 mm

  • Length, power cord

    1.80 m

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    49.00 x 40.50 x 38.00 cm

  • Weight

    15.15 kg

  • Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    52.00 x 47.00 x 38.00 cm

  • Shipping weight

    16.65 kg

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    49 x 40.5 x 38 cm

  • Weight

    15.15 kg

  • Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    52 x 47 x 38 cm

  • Shipping weight

    16.65 kg

  • Delivery package

    Meat slicer RCAM-250E
    Instruction manual

  • Technical - manual

    PDF Download

Electric Meat

Manual sausage




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